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 Need to learn more about compliance, how to meet compliance or how to maintain compliance? You don’t have to interpret the law and figure out what you need to do to be compliant – we’ve done this for you!


Our courses save you time and effort by providing you with the essentials of what you need to know and the documents already set-up to meet compliance requirements. 

Are our courses a good solution for you?

Taking our courses and getting the tools and templates you need from us to develop your own privacy management program may be a cost-effective solution for you if:

      • you are a small company (e.g., less than 10 employees);
      • you only collect personal information from two data subject types (e.g., employees and customers);
      • you collect a low amount of personal information from employees and customers and the majority of this information is not “sensitive”;
      • your collection methods are not complex; and,
      • you are committed to taking all the courses to develop and implement your privacy management program (PMP) with some minimal consulting support.

If you meet the requirements above, then our courses can work well for you.

The introductory course, which covers Canadian Privacy Laws and compliance requirements is free. We recommend that you take this course and then decide if you are ready to continue on with the PMP development courses.

The nine development courses cover specific areas and requirements for the program controls explained in the guidance document, Getting Accountability Right with a Privacy Management Program, which was developed by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and the Offices of the Information and Privacy Commissioners of Alberta and British Columbia. This document outlines what they expect to see in an organization’s PMP and these expectations are used as an evaluation framework for their investigations and reviews. The development courses can be purchased individually or bundled as a set.

The final course is for those who have completed and implemented their program controls and now need to maintain their PMP for ongoing effectiveness, compliance and accountability. The planning tools, guidance and tips support you with keeping your PMP up-to-date.

Our courses are delivered through the Thinkific learning management system. For more detailed information about our courses and to register, use this direct link.

Completing the courses provided by has given me peace of mind knowing I have a compliant foundation in place on which to build my Privacy Management Program (PMP). I was guided step by step through all the assignments and requirements and provided with helpful links to additional information and resources.  The courses are created so people can work at their own pace when busy schedules allow, and the weekly reminders are a great motivator. I took advantage of direct access to Marilyn and benefited from her expertise to customize the suite of PMP templates and processes to suit my company’s needs. I highly recommend the courses for any organization looking to implement a PMP.

Liz Lee

Founder, Lezayre e-Submissions Ltd.



Free course: What Canadian private sector organizations need to know about privacy laws

Meeting and maintaining compliance reduces risk and liability for your organization and ensures that you are protecting your business, employees, and customers. Done properly, compliance is a competitive advantage and is significantly less costly as a prevention measure, than all the disadvantages related to a personal information breach. 

1. Access and corrections requests

Receive, review, respond and track access and correction requests in compliance with PIPA.

Includes: Microsoft Word documents containing compliant responses and a tracking document. 

2. Privacy questions, concerns and complaints

Receive, review, respond and track questions, concerns and complaints in compliance with PIPA.

Includes: Microsoft Word documents containing compliant responses and a tracking document. 

3. Privacy Policies

Meet regulatory requirements with internal privacy policies that meet obligations under PIPA.

Includes: Microsoft Word documents for five (5) policies plus three (3) bonus policies for you to customize for your organization.

4. Personal Information Inventory

Document the lifecycle of personal information collection to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place.

Includes: Microsoft Word template with guidance for 14 categories to document.

5. Training and education

All staff must receive general privacy training and additional role-specific privacy training, to meet compliance. 

Includes: Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents to get training implemented quickly.


6. Breach and incident management response

Preparation for responding to a breach helps with both preventing breaches and effectively dealing with one, if one were to occur. 

Includes: Microsoft Word documents for breach policy, investigations, tracking, response and training.


7. Risk assessment tools

Identifying and mitigating privacy and security risks before changing or implementing a new initiative, product or service, may require privacy impact assessments and security threat risk assessments.

Includes: Microsoft Word documents for the assessments and to track them over time.

8. Service provider management

Your organization remains responsible for personal information that is collected by or transferred to a third party for processing on your behalf.

Includes: Microsoft Word document to track third-parties and privacy protections.  

9. External communication

To establish and maintain trust, you need to inform individuals of their rights and the organization’s privacy program controls in a clear and understandable way.

Includes: Microsoft Word documents for you to customize for various purposes.

Oversight and maintaining compliance

With your organizational commitment established and the program controls completed and implemented, your privacy management program (PMP) needs to be maintained for ongoing effectiveness, compliance and accountability. Planning tools, guidance and tips support you with keeping your PMP up-to-date. 

Includes: Microsoft Word documents to monitor, assess and revise your PMP to remain relevant and effective. 

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